About Us

247 Coin Options is an Amsterdam-based fund management company that specializes in cryptocurrency investments. We have our headquarters in Amsterdam and branches spread across the United States, Canada, China, and Australia. Our team is comprised of financial analysts and traders who are competent in all aspects of funds management and cryptocurrency investments, including Blockchain Technology, Digital Assets Trading, Risk Management, Investment Technology, and Trading Regulations.

We actively manage a diversified portfolio, consisting currently of five different types of these digital currencies. The crypto space has seen an influx of different currencies all developed for different purposes and based on different fundamentals. 247 Coin Options thoroughly analyses those fundamentals, invests and acts as a market maker on behalf of clients.

In just a few years, cryptocurrency has become one of the most accepted value and investment vehicles in the marketplace. Most of the original Forex and bitcoin options companies have fallen to the wayside and only a few have managed to grow in this ever changing and expanding industry. 247 CoinOptions has continued to upgrade their investment portfolio while adding a major variety of assets. Over the years 247 CoinOptions has grown while building a global reputation based on fairness, honesty and transparency along with innovation and flexibility. 247 CoinOptions is known for its outstanding customer support, customer service, education and reliability.

247 CoinOptions™️ offers a professional and reliable platform for investing and mining major digital currencies. Since our start up, we have built a loyal customer base because we always meet up with the required monthly ROI, provide uplifting profits and exceptional trading services. We also tailor our investment plans to help you achieve your investment goals.

247CoinOptions™️ is regulated by Euronext Amsterdam Stock Trading, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and Asset Management Association Of China (AMAC)


247coinoptions partners with various other companies and institutions in different sectors to achieve a balanced structure. These partners range from legal practiotioners to financial institutions and insurance companies.

Why invest in cryptocurrency?


Contrary to most other asset classes, cryptocurrencies can be traded at any moment. The market never closes. This high degree of liquidity makes an investment in cryptocurrency highly flexible and profitable.


In times of economic crisis and uncertainty cryptocurrencies tend to thrive. As an independent store of value cryptocurrencies can act as a good hedge against fiat currency devaluation. Cryptocurrency is also one of the safest and most trusted means of value transfer, and it’s popularity grows by the day. In a world where there is an abundance of conmen and looters, we all need to trade in the safest possible ways. Cryptocurrencies give us that assurance which makes them an important source of investment right now and in the future as well.

Low cost

Cryptocurrency is a low-cost means of value transfer. You don’t need to shell out money in order to exchange digital currencies. All you need in order to be able to transact is your cell phone and a basic knowledge of cryptocurrency wallets. There aren’t usually transaction fees for Cryptocurrency exchanges because the miners are compensated by the network.

Future currency

They help to complement existing services that now rely on standard currencies as seen in M-Pesa in Kenya where every 1 in 3 Kenyans now owns a Bitcoin wallet.

Lower fees

Lower fees: There aren’t usually transaction fees for Cryptocurrency exchanges because the miners are compensated by the network


Most importantly you are in full ownership of your money, unlike other electronic cash systems where a company manages your account. With Cryptocurrency you own the private key and the corresponding public key that makes up for your Cryptocurrency address and no one can take that from you.